Our club values

We are the Rotarians of Rotary Club Zurich Belvoir International. Our ambition is to live Rotary’s ideals. We set out to serve and to foster friendship amongst ourselves, in our local and international community. The Rotary Wheel has six spokes. For us, these especially represent the following six real values:

1. With courage, we serve to the benefit of those around us.
Our ambition is to serve where it makes a difference. Therefore, we dare to be authentic and spontaneous. We stand up for our opinions, and seek solutions through cooperation.

2. We choose to believe the good in the world.
Where we encounter challenges within our club and in activities in the community and beyond, we resolve them with fairness and optimism. We motivate ourselves and others to overcome adversity and celebrate achievement.

3. We interact respectfully and compassionately with all.
Every human is unique. We embrace this diversity and welcome it with curiosity and openness. In our club, we listen actively, trust the abilities of our members, and appreciate each one’s contributions.

4. We value fun.
We make occasion for good fun. We share laughter and sorrows through strong fellowship.

5. We are modest.
We exercise humility in spirit and in actions, and we share our time and efforts generously. We are self-critical.

6. We lead by integrity.
We do what we say and we say what we do. We are loyal to our values.

February 13, 2008